Prayer Ending Geoengineering Depopulation

Christian prayer ending geoengineering and depopulation


Romans 12:12 “….Continuing instant in prayer.”


“Father in Heaven we ask you to end all geoengineering depopulation crimes. Thank you that you delight in our prayer and will answer speedily and avenge us of our adversaries. Like Jehoshaphat we ask; “O our God, wilt thou not judge them? For we have no might against this great company that cometh against us; neither know we what to do: but our eyes are apon thee.”

Father, in Your judgment, have mercy on ALL those involved in instigating, supporting and performing these evils.  We bind in Jesus name the power behind geoengineering depopulation and loose Your perfect will and holy power to restrict and overcome them. 

We bless, forgive from the heart, and pray the blood of Jesus over these people.  Change their hearts and reveal Jesus to them.  We remit their sins, so do NOT hold these sins against them, but put them on the Cross of Jesus Christ. Forgive us and our leaders for our part or neglect. 

Protect ALL those (See prayer note below) on the front lines of the fight against geoengineering depopulation -- including whistleblowers and every person praying this prayer.  Wake up and alert all people to know the Truth about what is really going on and reveal ALL involved.

Father supernaturally cleanse, heal and protect us from the poisonous effects of these evils. Also, give us creative ways and the resources to restore health and fight this tyranny. We know it is You Who really rules this earth. Thank You Father.

In Jesus name we ask it. Amen.

Prayer Note: (Insert Champions in the truth media and others fighting for us.  There are many that need our prayers).

I'm working on a shorter version of the prayer, but please continue to pray with me.  Thank you.



Learning how vaccinations hurt them woke me up. I owe it to them to pray and make this web site.

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Pray with Me -- I will be praying daily: 9:00 AM, 12:00 Noon, and 9:00 PM (EST)(Note: If you don’t have time for the long prayer above, just say the Lord’s Prayer—and remind Him of the subject geoengineering depopulation.)

A Little Bit About Me:  I felt the Lord wanted me to make this web site because I’ve searched and searched and haven’t seen hardly any Christian leaders (other than truth radios/web sites) in the Body of Christ saying anything or doing anything about the geoengineering depopulation crimes—so His Body has not been kept aware and on alert.  The corporate owned and satanically run propaganda media is not going to tell us the Truth, so we need to pray that God make it plainly seen.

By praying this prayer together in agreement and using the authority God has given us by binding and loosing--we each can do our part.  If you don’t agree with some of the words in the prayer, just skip them or pray the Lord’s Prayer. (Sometimes denominations have different interpretations of Scripture so I understand completely).

When we agree as in touching, God says that He will answer our prayers asked in Jesus’ name. We know that Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil, and The Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:9-15 below) specifically asks our Father to deliver us from evil. The important thing is that we be united against the power behind these evils, forgiving, loving and asking God to change the hearts of all involved, and that we gain God’s help in ending their works. (Daily put the Ephesians Chapter 6 armor of God on as this is a powerful prayer (because of the forgiveness and binding and loosing) and the enemy will not be glad).

PS: I’m a beginner web site maker, so please overlook the plainness of this site. I hope to create/attach a printable index size card with the prayer and will update the website as my knowledge increases. I want to have the prayer in other languages also, so at some point I might add a point of contact email address so others can help me with this. God bless you! Joanie (12/15/15)

I've just started a face book page and am learning it.  It is:

Melchizidek Joanie is the name on it. I made it for anyone who would like to contact me in order to get the Prayer Ending Geoengineering Depopulation prayed and out to those who are awake and believe that God is actively involved in ending these evils and answering our prayers. (1/19/2016)